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Bio-inspired Photonics


Past Members

2014 - 2018 Dr Olimpia Domitilla Onelli, Postdoctoral researcher Forensic Technology & Discovery Services Associate at Ernst & Young, London,
Antoine Allard, Undergraduate student PhD Student at Institut Curie ,
Chris Chandler, Research assistant PhD student, University of Nottingham,
Alice Cozens, Undergraduate student
Dr Villads Egede Johansen, Postdoctoral researcher Senior Software Engineer at Oqton, Denmark,,
Giulia Guidetti, Graduate student
Molly Harte, Undergraduate student
Natasha Holmes, Undergraduate student
Dr Alesja Ivanova, Postdoctoral researcher Global procurement manager at Wacker Chemie AG,
Dr Gen Kamita, Postdoctoral researcher Data scientist at GMO Internet, Japan,
Dr Yu Ogawa, Postdoctoral researcher Chargé de recherche, Cermav CNRS,
Michael Mario Sherlock, Graduate student FS Strategy & Operations Analyst at Deloitte Ireland,
Dr Dongpo Song, Postdoctoral researcher Principal Investigator, Shandong University,
Dr Roberto Vadrucci, Postdoctoral researcher
Larissa van Westerveld, Visitor