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Light propagation in tunable photonic materials
DS Wiersma, J Bertolotti, S Gottardo, F Intonti, S Mujumdar, R Sapienza, C Toninelli, S Vignolini
– Optics InfoBase Conference Papers
Light in correlated disordered media
K Vynck, R Pierrat, R Carminati, LS Froufe-Pérez, F Scheffold, R Sapienza, S Vignolini, JJ Sáenz
Unprecedented stability of raspberry-like colloids
S Vignolini
– Nature Communications
Topological invariance in whiteness optimisation
JS Haataja, G Jacucci, L Schertel, S Vignolini
Method for producing rewitable photonic devices
S Vignolini, F intonti, D wiersma, T volker