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Research Associate

Structural colours arise from the interaction of visible light with nano-structured materials.  The occurrence of such structures in nature has been known for over a century, but it is only in the last few decades that the study of natural photonic structures has fully matured due to the advances in imagining techniques and computational modelling. Even though a plethora of different colour-producing architectures in a variety of species has been investigated, a few significant questions are still open:

  • How do these structures develop in living organisms?
  • Does disorder play a functional role in biological photonics?
  • If so, is it possible to say that the optical response of natural disordered photonics has been optimised under evolutionary pressure?
  • And, finally, can we exploit the well-adapted photonic design principles that we observe in Nature to fabricate functional materials with optimised scattering response?

In my work I try to answer the questions above: I microscopically investigate in vivo the growth of a cuticular multilayer, one of the most common colour-producing strategies in nature, in the green beetles Gastrophysa viridula showing how the interplay between different materials varies during the various life stages of the beetles; I further investigate disordered photonic structures and their biological role, such as the anisotropic chitinous network of fibres in the white beetle Cyphochilus, the whitest low-refractive index material; finally, inspired by these natural designs, I fabricate and study light transport in biocompatible highly-scattering materials.

I studied Experimental and Theoretical Physics at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge: MA (Cantab), MSci. I then joined the Bio-Inspired Photonics group in 2014 and compled my PhD under the supervion of Dr Silvia Vignolini.




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Postdoctoral researcher

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01223 334372 (shared)