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Gea originally comes from Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. She received her BSc and MSc in Molecular Life Sciences, a study programme aimed at multidisciplinary research, from Wageningen University. She then continued to do a PhD in the Bio-Inspired Photonics group in Cambridge, under the supervision of Dr. Silvia Vignolini. Currently, she is in the third year of her PhD research, where she is working on photonic structures in living systems. She hereby specialises in the appearance of structural colour in bacteria, with additional work on photonic structures in plants. Furthermore, she works on electron microscope imaging of biological tissue ((cryogenic) SEM, embedding and microtoming for TEM).

Figure 1: On the left is a structurally coloured bacteria colony on the left. The image is taken using dark field light microscopy. On the right is a cryogenic SEM image of the corresponding photonic structure: a hexagonally packed crystal lattice of bacteria.


Convergent evolution of disordered lipidic structural colour in the fruits of Lantana strigocamara (syn. L. camara hybrid cultivar).
MA Sinnott-Armstrong, Y Ogawa, GT van de Kerkhof, S Vignolini, SD Smith
– New Phytologist
Revealing the Structural Coloration of Self-Assembled Chitin Nanocrystal Films
A Narkevicius, RM Parker, J Ferrer-Orri, TG Parton, Z Lu, GT van de Kerkhof, B Frka-Petesic, S Vignolini
– Advanced Materials
Polysaccharide metabolism regulates structural colour in bacterial colonies
GT van de Kerkhof, L Schertel, L Catòn, TG Parton, KH Müller, HF Greer, CJ Ingham, S Vignolini
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Chiral self-assembly of cellulose nanocrystals is driven by crystallite bundles.
TG Parton, RM Parker, GTVD Kerkhof, A Narkevicius, JS Haataja, B Frka-Petesic, S Vignolini
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3D Printing of Liquid Crystalline Hydroxypropyl Cellulose-toward Tunable and Sustainable Volumetric Photonic Structures
CLC Chan, IM Lei, GT van de Kerkhof, RM Parker, KD Richards, RC Evans, YYS Huang, S Vignolini
– Advanced Functional Materials
Structurally coloured bacterial colonies
G van de Kerkhof
Complex photonic response reveals 3D self-organization of structural colored bacterial colonies
L Schertel, GT van de Kerkhof, G Jacucci, L Catón, Y Ogawa, BD Wilts, CJ Ingham, S Vignolini, VE Johansen
– Journal of the Royal Society, Interface
Disordered wax platelets on Tradescantia pallida leaves create golden shine.
GT van de Kerkhof, L Schertel, R Poon, G Jacucci, B Glover, S Vignolini
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Visual appearance of chiral nematic cellulose-based photonic films: angular and polarization independent color response with a twist
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Laser Speckle Strain Imaging reveals the origin of delayed fracture in a soft solid.
HM van der Kooij, S Dussi, GT van de Kerkhof, RAM Frijns, J van der Gucht, J Sprakel
– Sci Adv
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