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BSc, MSc Plant Science, University of Manchester.

I am pursuing a PhD studying biomimetic hydrogels designed to optimise the growth rates of microalgae grown as a biofilm. I do this by incorporating scattering particles into my gels to aid light propagation throughout the culture and therefore increase its photosynthetic rate. I also study the optical response of individual microalgal cells with the aim to develop non-invasive assessment of cell physiology, with the overall aim to make this assessment technique applicable to bulk cultures as well. I also study the optical response macroplants. At the moment this focuses on the pigment anthocyanin and its behaviour when found as anthocyanoplasts.



Bionic 3D printed corals
D Wangpraseurt, S You, F Azam, G Jacucci, O Gaidarenko, M Hildebrand, M Kühl, AG Smith, MP Davey, A Smith, DD Deheyn, S Chen, S Vignolini
– Nature communications
Metabolic adaptation of a Chlamydomonas acidophila strain isolated from acid mine drainage ponds with low eukaryotic diversity
AP Dean, A Hartley, OA McIntosh, A Smith, HK Feord, NH Holmberg, T King, E Yardley, KN White, JK Pittman
– Science of the Total Environment

Graduate student

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