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Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis


Experimental equipment may only be left running overnight provided that it is reasonably safeto do so.

All experiments must be covered by a relevant risk assessment, which includes the extra risks of leaving the experiment running unattended.Please remember that the responsibility of the experiment itself Remains with the researcher and supervisor.

All experiments to be left running overnight, or for up to a maximum duration of three nights, require a permit which is obtained from the relevant Floor Technician, where details are recorded on the “overnight sheet” by 16:00hrs.The only exception to this rule is an experiment with < 100ml total volume that will be left stirring at room temperature, with no running water and no hazardous gases used or produced.The permit must then be placed in a prominent place next to the apparatus concerned. It is essential that adequate instructions are left to ensure the equipment can be made safe if necessary.

In the case where a permit is required and obtained by the aforementioned time, the Floor Technician will satisfy themselves as to the safety of the apparatus and its environment.

If the experiment is set up after the Floor Technician has left, at a weekend or during holiday, then a permit must still be obtained and recorded (according to the guidelines above).The apparatus for the experiment must be checked by an experienced co-worker (experienced means supervisor, postdoc, or 2nd, 3rdor 4thyear PhD student), and the checker should print their name on the permit once they are satisfied that it has been correctly set up.

Experiments requiring a permit that are to be set up for longer than one night, must be checked daily by the researcher or by arrangement with a co-worker. Experiments with permits running for extended times (> 3 nights) should have their permits renewed on the fourth day.

No experiments should be left for the duration of long vacations, when the department is officially closed.You should never sign off your own experiment permit.

If there is any doubt, then please ask the Floor Technician before setting up the experiment.