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Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis


Joint Melville Meetings

The joint Melville meetings take place roughly once every month, and takes a variety of forms. It is a good way to promote interaction between all of the groups in the Melville and keep up to date with general progress and breakthroughs in each of the groups.
The format changes from time to time: sometimes we have talks from external speakers, sometimes Melville members give talks and sometimes we have a lecture prepared by a mixture of students and postdocs from all of the groups on topics that we select as PIs (generally the group would have 3-4 weeks to put together the presentation).
Data Time Venue
14 Sept 2017 Cancelled
19 Oct 2017 Cancelled
23 Nov 2017 Cancelled
5 Dec 2017 16:00-17:45 Wolfson