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Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis


Next Lab Tidy: 06/10/2022

To ensure we maintain a safe and operational working environment we must all take part in tidying and cleaning the Melville labs on a regular basis.

20 minutes should be spent tidying and cleaning your work before you leave the lab, this should be done on a daily basis or everytime you are in the lab depending on the frequency you are in.

Additionally on the first week of a new month tasks will be assigned to all members of the Melville to tackle cleaning/ tidying the shared areas of the Melville labs. Everyone will have one week to complete their jobs.

Please click the link to the right to see your assigned task which is displayed on the lab tidy spreadsheet. Once you have completed your task switch the colour from RED to GREEN in the 'Completed' column and then write the date of completion in the 'Date' column.