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This year's Chemistry Open Day was held on 17 March 2018 from 10am - 4:30 pm with lots of hands-on activities, demonstrations and games for ages 5+.  

The University of Cambridge Science Festival is a two-week celebration of science in March each year.  We open our doors to the public on the middle Saturday of the festival in our very popular Chemistry Open Day, where scientists from age five to 90 can try hands-on activities which explore the endless fascination of chemistry and find out why we are so excited to call ourselves chemists.  Dr Peter Wothers also conducts a series of popular lectures about the basic concepts of chemistry - which include lots of bangs and explosions to help explain!

Visitors can experience the thrill of chemistry, and its importance throughout our lives, by taking part in experiments and demonstrations which are all organised and run by chemistry students and researchers here in the department. We offer numerous activities suitable for children aged 5+.  You can browse these pages to find out more about our Open Day, or access resources and information for schools.​  A full story about the Open Day activities will appear in the May issue of Chem@Cam magazine, and will be posted on these pages.  

We gratefully acknowledge the support of The Walters Kundert Charitable Trust which makes this event possible.