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Lovran is located 20 km away from one of the biggest Croatian cities Rijeka.

By Plane:

Rijeka Airport is located on the island of Krk and is 30 kilometers away from Rijeka. There are very good airline connections with European cities and plenty of low-cost companies included in their offer of flights to/from Rijeka. The airport has organized bus transportation to Rijeka and more details on the transfer from the airport can be found at In addition, there are nearby airports in Pula and Zagreb (Croatia), Trieste (Italy), and Ljubljana (Slovenia), with very good airline connections with European cities and Worldwide.

Rijeka airport:

Zagreb airport:

Pula airport:

Trieste airport:

By Bus/Train:

Rijeka is very well connected by bus with the rest of Croatia, especially with Istria and Zagreb. There are very good international connections to Europe, especially to Italy. Rijeka has very good rail connections to Zagreb and further to other European cities. There is also a direct connection between Rijeka and Ljubljana. From the Main Bus/Train station in Rijeka to the Lovran, there are several possibilities to use public transport (Bus number 32, about 15 min, about 5 Eur) or take a taxi. If you choose this option, you can contact the organizers for advice (please inform us as soon as possible)

Rijeka area public transport:

Croatian railway company:

Bus transport company:

By Ferry:

Rijeka has a catamaran/ferry connection to a number of islands in Kvarner Bay.

Croatian national ferry company:

By Car:

Lovran is located 20 km away from one of the biggest Croatian cities Rijeka, connected by highways and the Hotel Excelsior is easily accessible from the main road in the city of Lovran. Free parking places for cars are located below the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Rijeka (Primorska 46, Ika). It takes approximately 12 minutes to walk from the Hotel Excelsior to the parking area along the seaside promenade.

For taxi services, we recommend Taxi Cammeo (+385 51 313-313). You can pay in cash or by credit card. The cost of a taxi ride from Rijeka bus/train station to Hotel Excelsior is approximately 20€ (20 km travel distance). If you would like to order a taxi, please send your information by email to:

Taxi service Cammeo:

Local tourist information:

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