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Lovran, Croatia

25th to 30th August 2024

Organisers: David J. Wales and Dejan Zagorac
Local Organising Committee: Matej Fonovic and Jelena Zagorac

Hot Topics
Applications from spectroscopy to the solid-state
Kinetics and first passage time distributions for multifunnel landscapes
Folding and misfolding of proteins, DNA and RNA, multiscale modelling
Designing landscapes for self-assembly and multifunctional systems
Landscapes for machine learning
Atomic, molecular, colloidal and nanoalloy clusters

Venue: Hotel Excelsior

Registration is a voluntary contribution of £135.00 payable here  

Practical Information

Meeting Schedule

Image credit: Edward Pyzer-Knapp

Energy Landscapes 2024 Lovran

RNA pseudoknot reorganisation

3IA Universite Cote d'Azur

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