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Vlad Carare, University of Cambridge
Diksha Dewan, University of Cambridge "Energy Landscape Analysis using NMR based Hybrid Restraint Potentials"
Szilard Fejer, Provitam
Karl Heinz Hoffmann, Technische Universität Chemnitz
Javier Hernández Rojas, University of La Laguna "Hydrogen Molecular Ion Solvated in Helium: Potential Models and Molecular Simulations"
Tamiki Komatsuzaki, Hokkaido University "Extracting a Structure of Timescale Hierarchy in Reaction Network free from Timescale Separation Ansatz"
David Leitner, University of Nevada Reno "Vibrational Energy Landscapes and Energy Flow in Proteins"
Milan Pejic, University of Belgrade "Energy Landscapes, Crystal Structure Prediction and Modeling of Multicomponent Rare Earth Compounds"
Yuthika Pillai, University of Cambridge "Using Energy Landscapes to understand complex electronic structure problems"
Markus Pflaum, University of Colorado Boulder "Singularities, Algebraic Machine Learning and their Applications to Energy Landscapes"
Christian Schön, Max Planck Institute "Low-Energy Transformation Pathways between Naphthalene Isomers"
Tamara Škundric, University of Belgrade "Energy Landscapes of Predicted Cr-Si-N Compounds"
Ryoichi Tanaka, Hokkaido University 
Rohit Vasav, CEA Paris "Synchronising KMC simulations of chemical transition networks using first-passage statistics"
David Wales, University of Cambridge
Patryk Wesołowski, University of Cambridge
Esmae Woods, University of Cambridge "Global Kinetic Analysis: The Energy Landscape Perspective and New Methods for Large Ill-Conditioned Systems"
Dejan Zagorac, University of Belgrade "New Developments in the Energy Landscape Research of Inorganic Solids: The PCAE and the KOVIN Algorithm"
Jelena Zagorac, University of Belgrade

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RNA pseudoknot reorganisation

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