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Most of our work happens lab 107, in a biological safety II laboratory.

The lab features all the equipement required to do cell culture and assays, including:

  • A Class II biological safety cabinet
  • A Leica DMi1 inverted microscope operating at x5, x10, and x20 magnification
  • A 165L MCO-170AIC-PE IncuSafe CO2 incubator
  • A FLUOstar omega microplate reader
  • A Virtis Wizard 2.0 freeze dryer

The lab also features a small fumehood and the basic equipment to do simple chemical syntheses.

Our group also routinely use the Molecular Production and Characterisation Centre (MPACC) facility where a wide range of spectroscopic instruments can be found (CD, fluorescence, absorbance) and faciilties for cryogenic storage (liquid nitrogen and -80ºC freezer).