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Welcome to the Duer Group

Our research focusses on the molecular structure of biological structural tissues such as bone, muscle, tendon and skin – the so-called extracellular matrix (ECM). The molecular structure of the ECM is extremely complex and changes, often radically, in ageing, in diseases (e.g. cancer or degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis), and with mechanical wear and tear from everyday life. Not only do these molecular structure changes impact the mechanical integrity of the tissue, they are crucial in changing the behaviour of cells in the tissue and results in aberrant cell behaviour. 

Our current research projects are described here and a full list of publications is available here

Recent news

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Our research focusses on the molecular structure of biological tissues. The bulk of structural tissues such as bone, muscle, tendon and skin, is the so-called extracellular matrix. This extracellular material gives the tissue its essential mechanical properties, for instance the stiffness and toughness of bone, the elasticity of skin.

Solid State NMR facility

ssNMR facility

When placed in a strong magnetic field, a magnetic nucleus, such as 1H, 13C or 31P, can absorb, then re-emit an electromagnetic radiation provided it matches its the resonance frequency. The resonance frequency is dependent on both the strength of the magnetic field, and the local enviroment of the nucleus. NMR spectroscopy uses this phenomenon (and a lot of quantum mechanics!) for investigating the structure and dynamics of molecules.

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Cell culture lab

Most of our work happens lab 107, in a biological safety II laboratory.

The lab features all the equipement required to do cell culture and assays, including:

  • A Class II biological safety cabinet
  • A Leica DMi1 inverted microscope operating at x5, x10, and x20 magnification
  • A 165L MCO-170AIC-PE IncuSafe CO2 incubator
  • A FLUOstar omega microplate reader
  • A Virtis Wizard 2.0 freeze dryer

The lab also features a small fumehood and the basic equipment to do simple chemical syntheses.