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Duer Research Group


In the Duer group, we appreciate that everyone has their particular expertise and and accomplishments, and we expect everyone to contribute equally to the group and also find support in other group members. Most of the group work in one office in the Department of Chemistry, while other members and collaborators are found in Departments across the University. The atmosphere of the group is relaxed and friendly.

The size and composition of the group tend to facilitate tea and cake outings rather than regular pub nights. Cake and various sweet snacks are frequently found in the office. Below are some photos from "group outings".

2013: Collagen Gordon Research Conference (New Hampshire, USA)

Melinda playing football at the Collagen GRC.
Melinda playing football for "Rest of the World vs USA"

2012: Summer BBQ at Melinda's House

2011: Erika and Ying at ALPINE Conference (Chamonix, France)

2011: Group Punting Trip to Grantchester

2010: Group Punting Trip at the Backs

The Duer group went for a punt and picnic down the Backs with our South African guests Susan and Nadine.

2006: Churchill James Bond Party

Robin S, Erica and Matt

Erica, Robin S, Matt, and Andy (Keeler group)