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03 - 05 Sept 2017 Cambridge, UK


 Dr Sophie Jackson 

 University of Cambridge, UK





Sophie studied Chemistry at Oxford University and then started her Ph.D. in Alan Fersht's group at Imperial College, London in 1987.  A year later she moved to Cambridge University with Alan where she finished her Ph.D. in 1991. After a brief spell as a Research Fellow at Peterhouse she moved to the Chemistry University at Harvard University where she joined the Schreiber Lab as a postdoc. In June 1995, she returned to Cambridge to take up a position as a Royal Society University Research Fellow during which time she established an independent research group. She was then appointed a University Lecturer and is now a Reader in Biophysical Chemistry. Her research focusses on biological self assembly processes and her group has been particularly focussed on studying the folding of topologically complex proteins including those containing knots.