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03 - 05 Sept 2017 Cambridge, UK


 Professor Vic Arcus

 The University of Waikato, New Zealand



Vic grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand (37.7870 °S, 175.2793 °E) where he attended the local university and completed a BSc. and MSc. in chemistry. He then flew to Cambridge, U.K. (52.2053 °N, 0.1218 °E) on a Prince of Wales scholarship and did his PhD with Prof. Sir Alan Fersht. His PhD research concerned the early events in protein folding. He returned to New Zealand to post-doc at the University of Auckland where he was subsequently appointed as an academic staff member. After 14 years away from home, he returned to Hamilton, where he is now professor of molecular biology at the University of Waikato. His group work on the molecular biology and pathology of tuberculosis,  enzyme engineering and the thermodynamics of biological systems. Vic likes music and football. He also likes to swim, bike and run. Up until recently, he and his wife Fiona undertook these activities with their two kids, Leon and Grace. Unfortunately for Fiona and Vic, the kids have got faster and they have got slower.