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03 - 05 Sept 2017 Cambridge, UK


 Professor Sheena Radford

 University of Leeds, UK



Sheena graduated in Biochemistry at Birmingham, completed her PhD at Cambridge, and then carried out extensive research at Oxford before becoming a lecturer at the University of Leeds in 1995, rising to become Director of the Astbury Centre in 2012.

Her research is focused on fundamental structural molecular biology, specifically the measurement of the conformational dynamics of proteins and the elucidation of the role that these motions play in protein folding and misfolding in health and disease. She and her group are using a wide range of biophysical methods (including NMR, mass spectrometry and single molecule methods), to determine how proteins fold in all-atom detail; the mechanisms by which proteins misfold; and the complex macromolecular assemblies associated with some of the deadliest human diseases.

She has published more than 250 peer-reviewed papers and has given over 350 invited lectures at national and international meetings. She has supervised more than 50 PhD students and 40 postdoctoral researchers, and follows their subsequent careers with pride and interest.