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03 - 05 Sept 2017 Cambridge, UK


 Dr Mark Bycroft

 MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology






Dr Mark Bycroft completed his PhD in chemistry at the Imperial College, London, with Professor Sir Alan Fersht. He moved to the University of Cambridge, at the Department of Chemistry for his post-doctoral studies using biophysical approaches to study protein folding and stability. He established his own independent research group in 1992 as a Group Leader at the MRC Centre for Protein Engineering, and in 2011 he moved to the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Mark utilises NMR spectroscopy combined with other biophysical, structural and biochemical methods to drive his research program that focuses on how gene expression is regulated during cell growth and differentiation and in response to cellular stress. Mark also collaborates widely with biological and medical groups to apply structural methods to a range of biomedical problems.