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Merit Award Scheme - the following applies ONLY to Research Assistants, Research Associates and Senior Research Associates paid a salary through the university payroll

Three times a year the university runs a merit award scheme, where research staff can apply for a salary increment (otherwise known as a contribution increment) in recognition of an outstanding and sustained contribution over and above the normal expectation for the role.  Up to three contribution increments may be awarded to an individual in any 12-month period, provided that the value of the individual’s basic salary and contribution increments does not exceed the top point of the relevant payscale.  However, a full three increments are awarded only under exceptional circumstances.  
If you wish to submit an application, you should discuss this with your supervisor in the first instance, as any application must receive your supervisor’s support.  If you then decide to submit an application, please complete Part 1 of form HR37 (attached) and then pass to your supervisor, who must complete Part 2 of the form and then submit both parts to Howard Jones.
In your application you must describe those areas of your work where you believe that you have achieved outstanding and sustained performance.  Your application will need to provide tangible evidence that your personal contribution, commitment, and exercise of initiative, is over and above what is expected of a person performing normally and competently at your grade.Complete applications (Parts 1 and 2) must be received by Howard Jones by no later than 5 pm Friday November 24th.  Successful awards will be payable from January 1st 2024.

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