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The links on these pages outline all the Part III projects available for the coming Academic Year 2024/25. Each member of staff who intends to take project students next year has a page - some of the names will be familiar to you from lectures or practical classes, but the chances are that you may not have come across some of the staff listed here. Most of the contributors to this booklet are University Lecturers or Professors, but there are also quite a few members of staff who hold other long-term positions, such as Royal Society University Research Fellowships, Research Council Advances Fellowships or College Research Fellowships. We recommend that you look carefully through these pages at all that is on offer - you may be surprised when you see the range.

Please do not assume that you already know the area of research of different members of staff - the topics which they have lectured you on may not be related to their research or may only reflect part of their interests.

The best way to find out about the areas of research which are being pursued in the Department, and which members of staff are involved in, is to follow the link which will take you to the Departmental website. If you scroll down from there, you will find a description of the main research areas in the Department. To return to this page, you will need to use the Back button on your browser.

Having looked at the general areas of research, you can then click on the List of Projects link (below) to access an alphabetical list of staff who are offering projects this year: click on the name to see the details. Once you have selected some projects you are interested in you should make contact with the supervisors. See Meeting Supervisors for further information.