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Alphabetical List of Staff Offering Projects for 2017/18

Updated: 15 May 2017

This list will be updated as projects are submitted.

Within the PDF files which will appear when you click on a name you may find that a "left click" will follow a link to a web page, but I am afraid that this will not always work. Use the "back" button on your browser to return to this list.

If clicking on one of these names brings up an error, then this means that no project has been submitted (yet). You might try contacting the person directly, or waiting a day or two to see if a project is posted.  If there is a member of staff that you are interested in working with, but who has not posted a project here, please feel free to contact them directly.

Prof. C Abell

Prof. S Althorpe

Dr A Archibald and Prof. J Pyle

Prof. S Balasubramanian - project 1

Prof. S Balasubramanian - project 2

Dr P Barker and Dr S Boss

Dr A Bender

Dr G Bernardes - project 1

Dr G Bernardes - project 2

Dr M Casford

Prof. J Chin

Dr S Clarke

Prof. C Dobson and Dr J Kumita

Prof. M J Duer

Dr M Dunstan

Prof. S Elliott - project 1

Prof. S Elliott - project 2

Prof. S Elliott - project 3

Prof. M Gaunt

Prof. J Goodman

Dr M Grayson

Prof. C Grey

Prof. C Hunter - project 1

Prof. C Hunter - project 2

Dr S Jenkins

Prof. R Jones

Prof. M Kalberer

Prof. D Klenerman

Prof. T Knowles - project 1

Prof. T Knowles - project 2

Dr S Lee

Prof. J Nitschke

Prof. I Paterson

Dr R Phipps

Dr S Pike

Dr E Reisner

Prof. O Scherman

Dr A Schmidt

Prof. M Sprik

Prof. D R Spring

Dr S N Taraskin

Dr A Thom

Prof. M Vendruscolo

Dr S Vignolini

Prof. D Wales

Dr A Wheatley

Dr P Wood

Prof. D Wright