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Important Information: Undergraduate Teaching 2020/21

We are writing to let you know about the plans for undergraduate teaching in the academic year 2020/21.The University expects the majority of undergraduates to be in residence by October 2020 and that teaching will proceed in the usual way subject to the constraints imposed by the prevailing rules on social distancing. Even with these constraints we feel that it will be possible to deliver a programme which is pretty close to what we normally do.  Our intention is to provide the students with the high-quality education and experience that they rightly expect from Cambridge Chemistry.

The key points of our plan are as follows

There will be no live lectures.  Recordings of lectures will be made available on Moodle and we will offer the full range of options at Part II and Part III.

• Part III projects will run as normal, with some synthetic projects being based in the teaching labs.

• The Part II and Part IB Chemistry A & B practical courses will run pretty much as normal, but with small changes to both the experiments and the timetabling to comply with social distancing requirements.

• We are only able to run the Part IB and Part II practicals and the Part III projects by allowing them to spread into the Part IA labs.  Therefore we will not be able to run the Part IA lab course at all: it will be replaced by a series of exercises based on experimental work. 

Details on each year are available here and the course guides will be updated in mid September.

James Keeler, Head of Department

Bill Nolan, Director of Teaching


Updated 23rd July 2020