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Carbon electrodes for energy storage: General discussion
Y Gogotsi, D Guldi, R McCreery, C-C Hu, C Merlet, F B├ęguin, L Hardwick, E Frackowiak, J Macpherson, A Forse, GZ Chen, K Holt, R Dryfe, H Kurig, S Sharma, PR Unwin, T Rabbow, W Yu, F Qiu, F Juarez, C Sole, B Dyatkin, K Stevenson, Y Cao, N Cousens, A Noofeli
– Faraday Discuss
Ring Current Effects: Factors Affecting the NMR Chemical Shift of Molecules Adsorbed on Porous Carbons
AC Forse, JM Griffin, V Presser, Y Gogotsi, CP Grey
– Journal of Physical Chemistry C
In Situ NMR Spectroscopy of Supercapacitors: Insight into the Charge Storage Mechanism
H Wang, AC Forse, JM Griffin, NM Trease, L Trognko, P-L Taberna, P Simon, CP Grey
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Ion Adsorption On Titanium Carbide-Derived Carbons
AC Forse, JM Griffin, H Wang, NM Trease, V Presser, Y Gogotsi, P Simon, CP Grey
– ECS Meeting Abstracts
Oxidation Stability of Nanographite Materials
H Li, N Cheng, Y Zheng, X Zhang, H Lv, D He, M Pan, F Kleitz, SZ Qiao, S Mu
– Advanced Energy Materials
Nuclear magnetic resonance study of ion adsorption on microporous carbide-derived carbon
AC Forse, JM Griffin, H Wang, NM Trease, V Presser, Y Gogotsi, P Simon, CP Grey
– Phys Chem Chem Phys
Method and Device for Delivering a Liquid Sample Material to a Spectrometer Setup
T Kress, D Kurzbach