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Chemistry of Health


For members wishing to do recombinant protein expression in E.coli or yeast systems, we advise that you must ensure that approved Biological Risk Assessments are in place prior to starting any work. Information about Biological Safety can be found on the Departmental Safety Website and discussed with the Departmental Biological Safety Officer, Dr. Richard Turner.

All users are required to have an induction with Annette Steward and to read the related Lab Management Plan (linked here).

The fermentation suite contains 6 Infors orbital incubators (paper booking system), a Class II Safety Cabinet, three Beckman Avanti centrifuges, sonicator and a high-pressure homogenizer (all with log books). Our Prep room Technician, Anita Andreou can prepare and autoclave standard media flasks (with a £5/per flask charge for all consumables) and we also have antibiotic specific agar plates available (£1/per plate). Groups are charged termly for these.

We also provide experimental space for work with C.elegans (CB13). If you require access to this lab, please e-mail The lab management plan for the C.elegans suite is linked here and trained users can book Class II Safety Cabinet in CB13