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Chemistry of Health


A variety of specialised equipment is available for the use of members. All members must receive training from the principal administrators, please e-mail for contact details. Once trained you can access booking calendars for equipment, including caliometric devices (ITC, DSC, Nanotemper Monolith.115), biolayer interferometry (Octet K2) for label-free protein interaction studies, spectroscopic instruments (CD, fluorescence, absorbance), the Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch PCR (qPCR and DSF), a Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP system for gel/blot imaging (including a trans-blot turbo transfer system) and the EVOS M5000 fluorescence microscopy system are maintained and available in the MPACC. Use of equipment without on-line booking systems must be recorded in the appropriate log books next to the instruments.

We also have a suite of cutting edge Protein Purification Chromatography systems (AKTA Pure; three instruments), and to support these we also have a lyophiliser, freeze-dryer and can offer a small amount of storage space in one of our -80 degree freezers.

The general Lab Management Plan for the MPACC can be found here.