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Centre for Experimental Biophysical Chemistry

The Centre for Experimental Biophysical Chemistry - create, understand, apply...

The Centre for Experimental Biophysical Chemistry, housed within the Department of Chemistry in the University of Cambridge, brings together physical chemists, biophysicists, optical engineers, and application driven computer scientists through novel method development to address key problems in biology and biomedicine. By collaborating with biologists, biomedical researchers and with each other we perform highly multi-disciplinary research and exploit our new methods to gain molecular insight into important biological and biomedical problems.

The Centre for Experimental Biophysical Chemistry is composed of three independent research groups all with a shared interested in experimental biophysics at Cambridge:

The Knowles Lab: Investigate the physico-chemical properties and behaviour of biological molecules and soft materials.

The Lee Lab:  Builds new tools to study biomolecules, using a variety of optical techniques including Multi-dimensional Super-resolution Imaging and Novel Fluorophore Development.

The Klenerman Lab: Develops and exploits novel single-molecule fluorescence techniques to probe the molecular basis of neurodegenerative disease, follow the early triggering events of the adaptive and innate immune response, and for the sensitive early detection and diagnosis of disease.

News: PhD studentships beginning October 2023

We have funded places available, we encourage potential students interested in interdisciplinary biophysical chemistry to contact the centre via for information and to discuss potential projects 


Please see our Publications page for more information...