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Material Futures Network

Our vision is to build a Network which capitalises on Cambridge’s key strength: its intellectual diversity. This Network aims to embrace as wide as possible a community captivated by the broad concept of Material Futures. Research on Materials and materiality, widely interpreted, is at the core of many ongoing programmes. Material Futures is designed to open new strategic perspectives by establishing unconventional links between those working across diverse areas of this overarching theme, providing an unique contribution to the University’s strategic vision. More specifically, we aim to:

  • Identify transformational new goals for traditional materials science research and development, inspired by a broader understanding of the role of materials, material artefacts and material technologies in society and culture, considering both the past and present to better understand the future
  • Enrich and expand the humanistic study of material culture with concepts and metaphors inspired by cutting-edge scientific understanding of the nature of contemporary and future materials
  • Identify key aspects of the human-material interface which are leverage points to change the shape and direction of possible future material worlds, stretching from themes of sustainability to space exploration

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