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Improving NOx emission estimates in Beijing using network observations and a perturbed emissions ensemble
L Yuan, OAM Popoola, C Hood, D Carruthers, RL Jones, HZ Sun, H Liu, Q Zhang, AT Archibald
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Improving NOx emission estimates in Beijing using network observations and a perturbed emissions ensemble
L Yuan, OAM Popoola, C Hood, D Carruthers, RL Jones, HZ Sun, H Liu, Q Zhang, AT Archibald
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Butene Emissions From Coastal Ecosystems May Contribute to New Particle Formation
C Giorio, JF Doussin, B D’Anna, S Mas, D Filippi, C Denjean, MD Mallet, T Bourrianne, F Burnet, M Cazaunau, C Chikwililwa, K Desboeufs, A Feron, V Michoud, A Namwoonde, MO Andreae, SJ Piketh, P Formenti
– Geophysical Research Letters
ARTN e2022GL098770
Wet deposition in the remote western and central Mediterranean as a source of trace metals to surface seawater
K Desboeufs, F Fu, M Bressac, A Tovar-Sánchez, S Triquet, JF Doussin, C Giorio, P Chazette, J Disnaquet, A Feron, P Formenti, F Maisonneuve, A Rodríguez-Romero, P Zapf, F Dulac, C Guieu
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
A Systematic Review Protocol of Opportunities for Noncommunicable Disease Prevention via Public Space Initiatives in African Cities
ERI Mogo, T Lawanson, L Foley, C Mapa-Tassou, F Assah, T Ogunro, V Onifade, D Odekunle, R Unuigboje, N Blanche, R Alani, L Chatzidiakou, O Popoola, R Jones, T Oni
– International journal of environmental research and public health
Evaluating uncertainty in sensor networks for urban air pollution insights
DR Peters, OAM Popoola, RL Jones, NA Martin, J Mills, ER Fonseca, A Stidworthy, E Forsyth, D Carruthers, M Dupuy-Todd, F Douglas, K Moore, RU Shah, LE Padilla, RA Alvarez
– Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
Emerging investigator series: aqueous-phase processing of atmospheric aerosol influences dissolution kinetics of metal ions in an urban background site in the Po Valley.
C Giorio, S D'Aronco, V Di Marco, D Badocco, F Battaglia, L Soldà, P Pastore, A Tapparo
– Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts
Constraining emission estimates of carbon monoxide using a perturbed emissions ensemble with observations: a focus on Beijing
L Yuan, OAM Popoola, C Hood, D Carruthers, RL Jones, H Liu, Z Lv, Q Zhang, AT Archibald
– Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health
An update of the Worldwide Integrated Assessment (WIA) on systemic insecticides
J-M Bonmatin, C Giorio, F Sánchez-Bayo, M Bijleveld van Lexmond
– Environmental Science and Pollution Research
A new method to assess the acute toxicity toward honeybees of the abrasion particles generated from seeds coated with insecticides
A Lentola, C Giorio, E Petrucco Toffolo, V Girolami, A Tapparo
– Environmental Sciences Europe
Brown carbon in atmospheric fine particles in Yangzhou, China: Light absorption properties and source apportionment
Y Chen, X Xie, Z Shi, Y Li, X Gai, J Wang, H Li, Y Wu, X Zhao, M Chen, X Ge
– Atmospheric Research
Methiocarb metabolites are systemically distributed throughout corn plants grown from coated seeds
A Lentola, C Giorio, S Bogialli, M Roverso, M Marzaro, V Girolami, A Tapparo
– Environmental Chemistry Letters
Using low-cost sensor technologies and advanced computational methods to improve dose estimations in health panel studies: results of the AIRLESS project.
L Chatzidiakou, A Krause, Y Han, W Chen, L Yan, OAM Popoola, M Kellaway, Y Wu, J Liu, M Hu, AIRLESS team, B Barratt, FJ Kelly, T Zhu, RL Jones
– Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology
Analysis of the variability of airborne particulate matter with prevailing meteorological conditions across a semi-urban environment using a network of low-cost air quality sensors
OR Omokungbe, OG Fawole, OK Owoade, OAM Popoola, RL Jones, FS Olise, MA Ayoola, PO Abiodun, AB Toyeje, AP Olufemi, LA Sunmonu, OE Abiye
– Heliyon
Comparison of Heated Electrospray Ionization and Nanoelectrospray Ionization Sources Coupled to Ultra-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Highly Complex Atmospheric Aerosol Samples
I Kourtchev, P Szeto, I O'Connor, OAM Popoola, W Maenhaut, J Wenger, M Kalberer
– Analytical Chemistry
Metal Ion Release from Fine Particulate Matter Sampled in the Po Valley to an Aqueous Solution Mimicking Fog Water: Kinetics and Solubility
V Di Marco, A Tapparo, D Badocco, S D’Aronco, P Pastore, C Giorio
– Aerosol and Air Quality Research
Significant restructuring and light absorption enhancement of black carbon particles by ammonium nitrate coating.
C Yuan, J Zheng, Y Ma, Y Jiang, Y Li, Z Wang
– Environmental Pollution
Formation of metal-organic ligand complexes affects solubility of metals in airborne particles at an urban site in the Po valley
A Tapparo, V Di Marco, D Badocco, S D'Aronco, L Soldà, P Pastore, BM Mahon, M Kalberer, C Giorio
– Chemosphere
Intercomparison of nitrous acid (HONO) measurement techniques in a megacity (Beijing)
LR Crilley, LJ Kramer, B Ouyang, J Duan, W Zhang, S Tong, M Ge, K Tang, M Qin, P Xie, MD Shaw, AC Lewis, A Mehra, TJ Bannan, SD Worrall, M Priestley, A Bacak, H Coe, J Allan, CJ Percival, OAM Popoola, RL Jones, WJ Bloss
– Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
Associations among particulate matter, hazardous air pollutants and methane emissions from the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility during the 2015 blowout.
DA Garcia-Gonzales, O Popoola, VB Bright, SE Paulson, Y Wang, RL Jones, M Jerrett
– Environment international