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Welcome to the Elliott Group!

We are a multidisciplinary research group conducting both experimental and computational studies tackling problems across the areas of chemistry, physics and materials science.

On the experimental side, our work focuses on a variety of different sensing technologies, based on optical, mechanical and electrical transduction techniques, for applications in healthcare diagnostics, environmental monitoring and homeland security.

Our computational research is concentrated on modelling amorphous materials in order to investigate their physical properties in terms of their atomic structure and defects.

Please explore our website to learn more about the ongoing projects and scientists behind the research!

Read more at: Biomedical Sensors

Biomedical Sensors

Sensor technology for use in neurocritical care of acute brain injury

Read more at: Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials

Using computer simulation methods for discovery of novel phase-change material compositions and for the elucidation of the atomistic mechanism for fast phase-change.



Read more at: Organic Glasses

Organic Glasses

Visualisation of Hydrogen bonds and Oxide ion lone pairs in Sorbitol Molecules


Ab initio study of vibrational and structural properties of polyol glasses


Read more at: Amorphous Carbon

Amorphous Carbon

The research focus on the development of structural models for amorphous carbon over a wide range of densities using state-of-the-art techniques in electronic structure simulation and machine learning.