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In Cambridge

  • Prof Peter Hutchinson (Academic Division of Neurosurgery, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge): Brain-trauma monitoring​

  • Prof Gábor Csányi (Dept of Engineering, Cambridge): Machine-learning interatomic potentials​

  • Prof Fiona Karet (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research): Development of a sensor for dialysis patients home monitoring

  • Dr Axel Zeitler (Dept of Chemical Engineering,Cambridge): Organic glasses

  • Dr Spike Bucklow (Hamilton-Kerr Institute, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge): Pigment analysis

  • Dr Paola Ricciardi (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge): Pigment analysis

  • Dr Stephen Price (Dept of Clinical Neurosciences, Division of Neurosurgery, Cambridge): Detection of biomarkers for low-grade gliomas

In the UK (other areas)

  • Prof Dan Hewak (Optical Research Centre, Southampton University): Applications of chalcogenide glasses

  • Prof Brian Hayden (Dept of Chemistry, Southampton University): Combinatorial design of new materials

  • Prof Richard Curry (Photon Science Institute, Manchester University): Ion implantation of chalcogenide-glass devices

  • Prof Pavel Matousek (Rutherford-Appleton Lab, Oxford): Spatially-offset Raman spectroscopy


  • Dr Desmond Loke (Singapore University of Technology and Design): Phase-change memory materials

  • Prof David Drabold (Dept of Physics, Ohio University, USA): Computer simulation of glasses

  • Prof Partha Biswas (Dept of Physics, University of Southern Mississippi, USA): Simulations of amorphous silicon