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Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group

I am a postdoctoral research associate in climate-modelling working with Dr Anja Schmidt in the Centre for Atmospheric Science. My research focuses on understanding how large-magnitude volcanic eruptions impact the Earth’s climate. I am particularly interested in how different properties of an eruption such as the amount of sulfur dioxide emitted, the eruption latitude and the emission altitude impact the climatic response, and how sulfate measured in ice cores can be used to estimate the climatic response of historic eruptions. I am currently working on using the new UK Earth System Model to simulate eruptions over the last millennium to better understand their impact on climate variability.


Exploring How Eruption Source Parameters Affect Volcanic Radiative Forcing Using Statistical Emulation
L Marshall, JS Johnson, GW Mann, L Lee, SS Dhomse, L Regayre, M Yoshioka, KS Carslaw, A Schmidt
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
Multi-model comparison of the volcanic sulfate deposition from the 1815 eruption of Mt. Tambora
L Marshall, A Schmidt, M Toohey, KS Carslaw, GW Mann, M Sigl, M Khodri, C Timmreck, D Zanchettin, WT Ball, S Bekki, J Brooke, S Dhomse, C Johnson, JF Lamarque, AN Legrande, MJ Mills, U Niemeier, JO Pope, V Poulain, A Robock, E Rozanov, A Stenke, T Sukhodolov, S Tilmes, K Tsigaridis, F Tummon
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Meteoric Smoke Deposition in the Polar Regions: A Comparison of Measurements With Global Atmospheric Models
JSA Brooke, W Feng, JD Carrillo-Sánchez, GW Mann, AD James, CG Bardeen, L Marshall, SS Dhomse, JMC Plane
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
The Model Intercomparison Project on the climatic response to Volcanic forcing (VolMIP): experimental design and forcing input data for CMIP6
D Zanchettin, M Khodri, C Timmreck, M Toohey, A Schmidt, EP Gerber, G Hegerl, A Robock, FSR Pausata, WT Ball, SE Bauer, S Bekki, SS Dhomse, AN Le Grande, GW Mann, L Marshall, M Mills, M Marchand, U Niemeier, V Poulain, E Rozanov, A Rubino, A Stenke, K Tsigaridis, F Tummon
– Geoscientific Model Development

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