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The Bruker ultrafleXtreme is a MALDI TofTof system capable of running polymers/proteins/peptides and small molecules. The MALDI ionisation technique is a complimentary technique to electrospray ionisation. The system is capable of analysing samples up to 500kDa in mass, however at low mass interference from matrix ions can make analyses challenging.

Resolving power of the system is up to 40,000 over a wide range. MSMS spectra are acquired using LID-LIFT process and typically can provide data from low fmol levels.

Samples can be run in linear and reflectron mode. Reflectron mode will enhance mass resolution with a trade off in reduced sensitivity.

Samples can either be run via the service or trained users can run their own samples, please contact a member of the mass spec team to arrange training.

This system is co-owned with Biochemistry and is currently located in room B100 of the Department of Chemistry.