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Former Postdocs

Alumni benefits extended to former postdocs

Under a new scheme to offer alumni benefits to postdoctoral researchers, former postdocs will be offered a CAMCard, receive the monthly alumni e-newsletter and will be eligible to join the University's global network of alumni groups.  They will also receive regular communications from the University Development and Alumni Relations office and be able to join trips with the alumni travel programme.  The scheme will be rolled out firstly to recent postdoc leavers over the summer, and gradually extended to other former postdocs.  

Recognition of contribution to University research and life

The University has made the move as part of its continuing drive to recognise in more tangible ways the status of postdocs in the University and the contributions they make to University Life.  Postdocs come from all over the world and as a workforce of around 3,500, they represent the largest staff grouping in the University.

Postdocs are also responsible for a high proportion of the research carried out in the University and contribute enormously to the reputation of the University as a leading global research centre.  

Unique scheme

"As postdocs do not matriculate or graduate, traditional alumni benefits and established processes need to be completely reconsidered.  Most universities have not tackled the issue," said Karina Prasad, Head of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.  "Many postdocs end up in positions of influence in academia, industry or public service, making them invaluable ambassadors and advocates for the university."  The scheme is thought to be unique among UK universities in its recognition of the enormous contribution postdoctoral researchers make to the University.

Where an individual is both an alumnus or alumna and a former postdoc, they will continue to receive all benefits available to alumni.  

This article has been condensed from the original version on the University website.  

A list of benefits available to former postdocs can be seen on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website.  

Are you a former postdoc in the Chemistry Department with an interesting story to tell? I'd love to hear from you and post your reflections of your time here including a little bit of where you are now.  Contact Diane Harris at