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Alumna Angela Wilson sends her greetings from Denmark, where she has started a new business inspired by her son.

Greetings from Denmark, where I moved nearly two years ago with my Danish partner, just after our son was born. The quality of life is really incredible, and the education system is great. We live right next to the sea, which is very uplifting.

I read Natural Sciences at Cambridge (Pembroke 1996) specialising in Chemistry, and then switched to a Postgraduate Diploma in Law, which to be honest I found a walk in the park after chemistry!

Studying chemistry at Cambridge taught me about intellectual rigour, to work hard, and about the value of science. We’re seeing today how incredibly important science is in our lives, in dealing with climate change and the virus. I also had great fun working with friends in the day-long practicals! At my first law firm I learned the strength of working together and the importance of being ethical, honest and standing your ground.

I was inspired to start my new business, Baby Smiles Club, after seeing so many parents struggling with their baby’s sleep. We’ve found that helping people understand about sleep cycles, hormones and the processes governing sleep (the circadian process and the homeostatic process) really helps them with their baby’s sleep. As far as I’m aware, it’s the most comprehensive ebook and program worldwide, underpinned by the most recent science of baby sleep.  

Scientists like facts, theories and equations, while lawyers wield opinions and words. Being both helped me translate the science into easy-to-understand concepts and advice. I want my site to be a ‘one stop’ trustworthy and reliable source, so parents can spend time with their babies and not hours on the internet looking for answers.

Angela Wilson (Pembroke 1996)
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