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Photography & Reprographics

Photos for research papers, group photographs, equipment and experiment images, documenting conferences, portraits plus so much more!

We are well equipped to undertake a wide variety of photographic services, including all staff ID cards and website photos. During busy times of year (October) we may need up to three days' notice to arrange an appointment.

We can also take passport and visa photos for any country, as well as more formal portraits and group photographs.

We are happy to shoot on location, and can often be seen around the Department recording an important event, or capturing images of scientific instruments in situ.

For all of our photographs we provide high quality colour or black and white digital files or prints as required. We also have a dedicated film scanner, and can produce high-resolution scanning from film, flat copy and multipage documents.





Nathan Pitt and Michael Webb
Tel: 01223 336478


Usual hours

  • Monday – Friday
  • 8.30am–1pm; 2.30pm–4.30pm


Richard Shaw
Tel: 01223 336529

Usual hours:

  • Monday – Wednesday
  • 8.30am–1.45pm; 2.30pm–5.30pm


Photography: Room 254

Reprographics: Room 258