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Biophotoelectrochemical Systems: Solar Energy Conversion and Fundamental Investigations

29th - 31st March, 2023

School of Divinity, St John's College, Cambridge

Organising committee: Jenny Zhang (University of Cambridge), Erwin Reisner (University of Cambridge) & Nicolas Plumeré (Technical University Munich)



Registration will open in late August 2022



This aims to be an informal and interactive forum in which we, as the international biophotoelectrochemistry community, can:

i)     integrate together lessons learned from whole cell and protein (photo)electrochemistry

ii)     provide direct feedback for both published and unpublished results

iii)     map out how we can push the field forward both fundamentally and in an applied sense


Each PI will be asked to deliver a presentation (up to 30 min) on one or more of the topics below. This will be followed by 15 min of discussions (the main point of the workshop).


  • Latest developments in protein-film and biofilm photoelectrochemistry, semi-artificial photosynthesis, biophotovoltaics, biological production of solar fuels and chemicals
  • New materials and characterisation tools for the above areas
  • Insights into degradation pathways (photodegradation, reaction with reactive oxygen species, mediator toxicity...) and strategies to enhance stability
  • Short-circuiting pathways at the bio-material interface (charge carrier recombination, redox cycling, non-natural electron transfer pathways...)
  • Engineering challenges - using protein-film and biofilm electrodes for practical applications (electron transfer bottlenecks, the voltage/recombination dilemma, bioprocessing challenges...)

Confirmed speakers:




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