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Research Associate

I am a postdoctoral research associate (PDRA) in the group of Professor Oren Scherman at the University of Cambridge in the Melville Department of Polymer Chemistry. Before coming to Cambridge, I received a PhD in chemistry with a concentration in physical chemistry from the University of Michigan with advisor Professor Raoul Kopelman. Broadly speaking, my research interests intersect supramolecular chemistry/nanoscience/polymer science and spectroscopy/microscopy, with a variety of branches into other disciplines (biomedical engineering, photonics, condensed matter, etc.).


On-Resin Recognition of Aromatic Oligopeptides and Proteins through Host-Enhanced Heterodimerization
O Scherman, J McCune, X Chen, Z Huang, K Sokolowski, R Sala Lang, A McLean, G Wu, K King
– J Am Chem Soc
Cell-morphodynamic phenotype classification with application to cancer metastasis using cell magnetorotation and machine-learning
R Elbez, J Folz, A McLean, H Roca, JM Labuz, KJ Pienta, S Takayama, R Kopelman
– PLoS One
Au Nanobead Chains with Tunable Plasmon Resonance and Intense Optical Scattering: Scalable Green Synthesis, Monte Carlo Assembly Kinetics, Discrete Dipole Approximation Modeling, and Nano-Biophotonic Application
A McLean, M Kanetidis, T Gogineni, R Ukani, R McLean, A Cooke, I Avinor, B Liu, P Argyrakis, W Qian, R Kopelman
– Chemistry of Materials
Synthesis and Optical Properties of Two-Photon-Absorbing Au25(Captopril)18-Embedded Polyacrylamide Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy
A McLean, R Wang, Y Huo, A Cooke, T Hopkins, N Potter, Q Li, J Isaac, J Haidar, R Jin, R Kopelman
– ACS Applied Nano Materials
Ultrafast Spectroscopic Study of Donor–Acceptor Benzodithiophene Light Harvesting Organic Conjugated Polymers
B Keller, A McLean, B-G Kim, K Chung, J Kim, T Goodson
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Two-photon fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging of 4-dimethylaminonaphthalimide peptide and protein conjugates.
AM McLean, E Socher, O Varnavski, TB Clark, B Imperiali, T Goodson
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
Neonatal Rhinovirus Infection Induces Mucous Metaplasia and Airways Hyperresponsiveness
D Schneider, JY Hong, AP Popova, ER Bowman, MJ Linn, AM McLean, Y Zhao, J Sonstein, JK Bentley, JB Weinberg, NW Lukacs, JL Curtis, US Sajjan, MB Hershenson
– Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)

Postdoctoral researcher

Telephone number

01223 334372 (shared)