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Chemical Crystallography

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Synthesis and Characterization of [NH3(CH2)4NH3][Ga(PO4)(PO3OH)], a One-Dimensional Gallophosphate
AM Chippindale, AD Bond, AD Law, AR Cowley
– Journal of Solid State Chemistry
MnGaPO-2:  Synthesis and Characterization of [MnGa(PO3OH)2(PO4)][C6N2H14], a New Microporous Manganese−Gallium Phosphate
AM Chippindale, AD Bond, AR Cowley, AV Powell
– Chemistry of Materials
Synthesis and characterisation of transition-metal-substituted gallium phosphates with the laumontite structure
AD Bond, AM Chippindale, AR Cowley, JE Readman, AV Powell
– Zeolites