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Invitation to alumni webinar 14/12/22 6pm to 7pm

Dr Hamied 'Frontiers in Chemistry' Alumni Webinar Series

Watch this space for more alumni webinars in the Dr Hamied 'Frontiers in Chemistry' series.

Videos from previous webinars

Watch the videos below, or visit our Chemistry YouTube channel where you can watch these and many others.

A rainbow of colours from your fruit bowl

Held 14 December 2022

Professor Silvia Vignolini and group member Dr Thomas Parton explain how they are copying nature to make sustainable colours from one of the world's most abundant natural resources.

Misbehaving Proteins

Held 19 April 2022

Professor Tuomas Knowles discusses his most recent research into how and why proteins 'misbehave' and offers insights into how to prevent the neurological disorders some misfolded proteins can cause. Speakers include alumnus Sven Royall and Nadia Erkamp, a PhD student in the Knowles group and holder of the Royall Scholarship.