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The pool bike in its secure space

If you need to travel between different sites for work, you can borrow the department's bike to travel!

Pool bike scheme

The pool bike scheme is part of the University's commitment to provide sustainable travel options. These schemes have been put in place across Cambridge, and our department is part of the scheme. All University staff, contractors and visitors who have signed a visitor agreement and who have a CRS ID can use the scheme.

How to register

To use any of the University pool bikes, please read and agree to the terms below by submitting the User Agreement.

Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and have been told that your name has been added to the user list, you are free to book a bike. All pool bike users should also read the University’s Cycle at Work Guidance.

User agreement terms and conditions

  • I confirm that I am a University of Cambridge employee or contractor employed by the University of Cambridge.
  • I consider that I am a competent cyclist. If an accident occurs I will record it and report it to a First Aider to ensure that I have received the treatment required and I will fill in the University of Cambridge accident form.
  • If I choose to not wear a helmet when cycling at work, the University of Cambridge will not be held liable for the results of any injury that may have been prevented by the wearing of a helmet.  If I choose to wear a helmet that I provide, I understand that the University of Cambridge will not be held liable for the results of any injury that may have been caused by the wearing of my helmet.
  • I will adhere to the Highway Code and cycle in a safe way whilst cycling at work.
  • I am in good physical health and fit to ride a bicycle. I will not ride a bike if I feel unwell. 
  • I will perform a routine check on the bicycle to ensure it is in a satisfactory condition before the start of each journey.
  • I will lock the bike securely using the locks provided in the correct way, as advised in the Cycling at Work Guidance.
  • I will return the bicycle in a good, working order after loaning the bike.
  • I will report any faults as soon as possible reception.    
  • I will return all equipment (locks, lights) to the reception where the bike was collected, after borrowing the bike. If I do not return the bike and equipment, my Line Manager will be informed.

Booking and using the department's bike

  • The pool bike is generally available all work days. All you need to do is ask at Reception. If it's available, sign out the D-lock key which must be returned after returning the bike and locking it.
  • The pool bike is stored securely in the secure bike shelter near Panton Street (see below).
  • The pool bike space is clearly marked with signage and should be locked securely in its space when not in use.
  • The bike can only be used Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm.
  • We recommend giving yourself extra time within your booking to collect the bike keys and after your meeting in case there are unforeseen delays. If you are going to be later than the return time that you specified please telephone reception on (01223) 336300.
  • You do not need to use the scheme attached to your building. Once you have agreed with all statements in the User Agreement, you are free to use any scheme, but you must return the bike to the building where it's based when you're done.



If you discover any faults with the pool bike, please let Reception know or email so we can fix them as soon as possible. If the bike cannot be used, please make this clear so Reception can take the bike out of use until the issues are addressed. The University also has a number of free bike repair stations, which you can find on this map.

Cycle training

  • Whether you’re a confident cyclist or new to cycling, cycle training can help improve your skills and reduce your risk of having an accident whilst cycling.
  • Training can be provided to groups and 1-to-1 to all staff at the University. Sessions range from basic cycle skills right through to advanced skills navigating busy roads.
  • Further details and how to book can be found at the dedicated web page University of Cambridge Cycle Skills.

Bike accessories and helmets

  • All bikes come with lights.
  • You can request panniers when you book.
  • You must use your own helment for health and safety reasons. Helmets are available to buy at a reduced cost from Greenwich House and the Clinical Schools receptions.
  • If you would like to use a helmet you can purchase one at a discounted rate online.


If you have any questions about the University pool bike scheme, please email