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Complex adiabatic connection: A hidden non-Hermitian path from ground to excited states
HGA Burton, AJW Thom, P-F Loos – The Journal of Chemical Physics (2019) 150, 041103
Holomorphic Hartree-Fock Theory: The Nature of Two-Electron Problems
HGA Burton, M Gross, AJW Thom – Journal of chemical theory and computation (2018) 14, 607
Holomorphic Hartree-Fock Theory: An Inherently Multireference Approach
HGA Burton, AJW Thom – Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2015) 12, 167
Holomorphic Hartree-Fock Theory and Configuration Interaction.
HG Hiscock, AJW Thom – J Chem Theory Comput (2014) 10, 4795

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