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In my PhD, I develop and apply Monte Carlo quantum chemistry algorithms.

Since October 2015 I have been accelerating and applying coupled cluster Monte Carlo (CCMC) and full configuration interaction Quantum Monte Carlo (FCIQMC) techniques. I have looked into (model) solid systems, the Hubbard model and the uniform electron gas. I have also significantly improved our methods by optimising the sampling in the spawn step and now I am finishing accelerating the convergence of the algorithm.

I have studied physics in my undergraduate with a project in particle physics in my final year. After that, I have joined theĀ EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Computational Methods for Materials Science completing an MPhil in Scientific Computing in 2015. My MPhil project looked at multi-scale modelling and metal plasticity.

Besides working on my PhD, I like skiing, surfing, tai chi and tennis.


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Multi-scale electrolyte transport simulations for lithium ion batteries
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A study of the dense uniform electron gas with high orders of coupled cluster
VA Neufeld, AJW Thom
– The Journal of chemical physics

Graduate student

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01223 336353 (shared)