Department of Chemistry

The Bender Group


NEW! December 2016: We have PhD and postdoc positions available for start in 2017 - please contact me at with your CV if you are interested, cheers!

The Bender group at the Centre for Molecular Informatics currently comprises about 20 members at postdoctoral and PhD student level, as well as a number of scientific visitors and project students. The research in the group is mainly concerned with the development of novel computational methods, as well as their application, in a wide variety of areas in life science data analysis. Topics currently under investigation in the group span core cheminformatics (e.g virtual screening) and bioinformatics disciplines (e.g. gene expression data analysis), but also range from the application of novel machine learning methods in the life sciences field, to the experimental validation of the method developed, in collaboration with synthetic organic chemists, pharmacologists, biologists, and scientists from other applied disciplines.

Our current research projects and members can be found on the respective pages, as well as our scientific publications.