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SynTech Centre for Doctoral Training


Professor Matthew Gaunt, SynTech Director

Find out more about the research of Professor Matthew Gaunt, Director of the SynTech CDT who specialises in the development of new chemical transformations with catalysis (such as C–H activation and visible light photocatalysis), synthesis-driven chemical biology & nanoscale high-throughput synthesis.

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Professor Alexei Lapkin, SynTech Co-director

Find out more about the research of Professor Alexei Lapkin, co-director of SynTech CDT, who specialises in developing cleaner manufacturing processes, focusing on developing functional materials for catalysts, adsorbents and reactors, design of multi-functional intensive reactors, modelling of reaction kinetics and integrated processes, linking reaction kinetics with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and process modelling with life cycle assessment, integration of reactions and separation. 

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Dr Lucy Colwell, SynTech Co-director

Find out more about Dr Lucy Colwell, co-director of SynTech CDT, who specialises in the mathematical manipulation of large bodies of data and will be looking into modelling & artificial intelligence approaches in chemical biology.

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Dr Mehrnaz Behray, SynTech Coordinator

Dr Mehrnaz Behray is responsible for management, planning and delivery of all aspects of the SynTech CDT programme including student progress and coordinating all industrial and other external stakeholder interactions.

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Chung Tu, SynTech Administrator

Chung Tu is responsible for supporting the administrative and operational processes for SynTech.

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