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Cellulose-based helical micro/nano filaments and films

Helical micro/nano filaments are ubiquitous in plants at various scales ranging from tendrils with millimeter diameters to micro helices existing in plants tracheary elements [1]. Multilayered cellulose-based helicoidal structures were also found in certain fruits being responsible for their iridescent colors [2]. Inspired by these helical structures filaments with intrinsic curvature [3] and cellulose-based structures that can reflect both left and right circularly polarized light [4] are presented. In this work we also discuss how the helical configuration of micro/nano elastic filaments and cellulose-based nanostructures can be precisely shaped. [1] D.G. Gray, Cellulose, 21(5), 3181, 2014 [2] S. Vignolini, P.J. Rudall, A.V. Rowland, A. Reed, E. Moyroud, R.B. Faden, J.J. Baumberg, B.J. Glover, U. Steiner, PNAS, 109(39), 15712, 2012 [3] P.E.S. Silva, J.L. Trigueiros, A.C. Trindade, R. Simões, R.G. Dias, M.H. Godinho, F. Vistulo de Abreu, Scientific Reports, 6, 23413, 2016 [4] Susete N Fernandes, Pedro L Almeida, Nuno Monge, Luis E Aguirre, Dennys Reis, Cristiano LP de Oliveira, António MF Neto, Pawel Pieranski, Maria H Godinho, Advanced Materials, 29(2), 1603560, 2017

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Apr 11th 2017
14:00 to 15:00


Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry
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