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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Far beyond Nature’s design, the creative power of synthetic chemistry provides unlimited opportunities to realize our own molecular world.
In their practice of the art of building small, chemists have shown amazing success in the past decades. Moving from molecules to dynamic molecular systems the fundamental challenge is how to control and exploit motion at the nanoscale.

In this presentation the focus is on Professor Feringa's journey in the world of molecular switches and motors, the process of discovery and his personal experiences through his scientific career. In particular he will address how fundamental questions and molecular beauty have guided him on this journey.

Alex Hopkins was a student and Teaching Fellow in Chemistry at Churchill College who died tragically in 2006.

Alex’s infectious enthusiasm and humour characterised his teaching and his exceptional ability to communicate his passion for science. The lectures, although routed in science, aim to be as much about entertaining as educating and are designed to be appealing and accessible to all.

Each year, the Alex Hopkins Memorial Fund supports the award of one or more prizes for outstanding overall achievement in the final Tripos examination in Chemistry at Churchill as well as sponsoring an annual lecture held in the Department of Chemistry.

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Mar 24th 2023
17:00 to 18:00


BMS Lecture Theatre, Department of Chemistry


Chemistry Departmental-wide lectures