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SynTech Centre for Doctoral Training


PhD project proposals including synthetic chemistry as a core theme will incorporate exposure to training in fundamental & cutting edge aspects of synthetic organic chemistry, thereby equipping the students to be able to:

  • design syntheses of target molecules with strategically powerfully, streamlining & innovative disconnections;
  • invent & discover new synthetically enabling transformations;
  • embrace catalysis as an essential part of modern synthetic chemistry;
  • understand the physical properties of the molecules they make;
  • embrace modern concepts in synthetic chemistry (C–H activation, photoredox catalysis, enantioselective catalysis, late-stage functionalization & electrochemistry) in their solutions to problems;
  • gain familiarity with basic DFT computational approaches to reaction design & elucidation of mechanism;
  • accrue competence in mechanistic organic chemistry involving kinetics & thermodynamics;
  • appreciate the  application of biocatalysis & heterogeneous catalysis; and
  • implement RRI in synthetic chemistry through consideration of environmental impact, sustainability, efficiency & robustness of all processes employed.