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SynTech Centre for Doctoral Training


Who are we?

The SynTech CDT is a brand new community formed to create a new generation of scientists specialising in the development of digital molecular technologies, artifical intellegence and machine learning with application to synthetic chemistry. This exciting new opportunity will allow chemists, chemical engineers and other scientists with a strong theoretical background to join the pioneering SynTech network, currently consisting of around 30 expert Academics from across a range of Departments.

The development and steering of this exciting training programme will be provided by Dr Deborah Longbottom and Dr Aruna Reddy under the direction of Professor Matthew Gaunt. Please see Course Details for further information.

The admissions process will be coordinated by the Postgraduate Education Team within the Department of Chemistry. Please see Apply Now to send your application. Remember: deadline for October 2020 entry is on 3rd December 2019.