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SynTech Centre for Doctoral Training


There are a number of excellent courses offered centrally within the University (, which our students will have access to and can attend on a bespoke basis to their needs. Examples of courses are:

Programming Concepts: Introduction for Absolute Beginners,
C++: Programming in Modern C++,
High Performance Computing: An Introduction,
High Performance Computing: Programming GPU using Open ACC,
LaTeX: Introduction to Text Processing (also available in the Department of Chemistry), Python 3: Introduction for Those with Programming Experience (also offered as a Part IIcourse).

In addition, course notes for UCS courses can be downloaded by anybody in the University, i.e. the possibility exists to work through courses independently and teach oneself the material so this would also be an option for the CDT students, should they choose it. A very interested subset of our students might also benefit from courses run through ARCHER the national supercomputing service, but this will be determined on an individual basis.